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Be the Culture Shift

Sensitivity and showing emotion does not equal weakness; it’s the extreme opposite and we need to embrace the whole employee not just the skills and abilities that crank out the work.

So many times organizations/leaders (purposely or not) set unreasonable expectations for ourselves and others to put on a facade that blocks true emotion. What good does that do us? Eventually, all that bottled up gunk of the day to day will land us in a place where we are begging for mental wellbeing and all too often the “strongest” people decide there’s an easier way out of their struggles.😢 I’ve seen this outcome too many times in my short HR career.

Leaders: embrace those you lead and work with and create psychologically safe spaces where people can be real without judgement.

Be the kind of leader who can extend your hand to help someone up when they struggle rather than shrugging it off of digging a deeper trench for them.

Support sensitivity, emotion, and struggle. Don’t forget that because we are at work doesn't make us a different person or less human.

If this type of leadership isn’t supported in your company culture, it should be; do your best to be the change.

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