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Highly Sensitive Person

Not sure if I would agree with “better” as everyone has different strengths. The strengths and ideas that employee with the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) trait bring to the table benefits the people and companies they serve.

Most HSPs are natural servant leaders (with or without rank) who form trusting, and meaningful relationships. These HSP employees and/or leaders are also some of the most loyal, passionate people an employer can have. Unfortunately, these employees are painfully misunderstood and are left trying to explain NORMAL emotions and apologize instead of embracing their gift.

As leaders and peers, ifyou can be anything, be kind. Don't judge. Realize emotions usually arise from HSPs due to deep caring, passion, and/or feelings of letting someone (including themselves) down. HSPs take feedback and feel the impact more than others.

Let's normalize showing emotion, accepting, and cherishing those individuals who are strong enough to show how they are feeling.

Let's stop labeling HSPs, or anyone showing emotions, as weak, manipulative, crazy, or unprofessional.

In a time when many individuals are struggling with so much, it is important people can speak and show emotion without judgement.

I am blessed to be an HSP and I am grateful to have worked with, led, coached, and learned tremendously from my engagements with these passionate employees and peers.

My profession (Human Resources at a Sheriff’s Office) suits me well. I genuinely care about those I serve and lead.

I have found over the years that there are HSPs in every profession - there are a ton in law enforcement (so proud). 💪💕

Who are my HSP Leaders and employees out there? What is your superpower?


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