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Be Honest!

I have to say, over the years I would have definitely taken this answer over some of the BS I’ve heard.

Do you want to make and employer hire you? When you are asked a question similar to this one, don't tell the panel that you don't make mistakes. Another peeve - Dont use a strength as your weakness. I have had applicants say things like, “sometimes I am too detail oriented.” or “I can be too nice.” Seriously!? 🤥

Be unique, be honest, be you. I would rather hear about huge mistakes that candidates have made and how they’ve taken accountability and grown from it. These example show me a candidate is human, humble, and willing to reflect and grow.

Sorry for the rant. It’s all due to

my weaknesses: that I don't have weaknesses. 😂😂

Side note: I have plenty.

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