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Back to School

I can’t believe the kiddo’s summer break has come to a close. My daughter spent the last week getting organized and minimizing her bedroom. I am relieved she is taking the time to notice she feels better with less. Her room was a hoard for years and it made her so distracted.

Watching her clean an organize has brought me energy. My hoard is getting smaller by the day and it feels good to organize and redecorate after many years of not doing much for our home. With all the craziness in my world right now, at least I can control my home environment and see and feel positive results. 😄😄😄 It's fabulous!

I've been spending a lot of time on Amazon buying organization/decoration stuff for home and work.

I scrolled many ideas from influencers on there when I caught myself daydreaming about being an Amazon Influencer one day! So fun! So, I took a baby step and signed up for the affiliate program.

So anyway, if you are obsessing over getting your stuff organized. Click my link! I get a small percentage of every purchase. I’m not gonna lie, I’d be super excited to even see 5 cents in my account. Lol. I’m a dork, but y’all knew that. 😆😆😆

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